Advanced Space Law, Volume 2

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Table of Contents

Dmytro Bezzubov. The Concept of “Aerospace risk”: the Legal Component.

Serhiy Didenko. The Administrative and Legal Status of the Subjects of Public administration that Provide Legal Support for the Circulation and Use of Weapons in Ukraine, Including Space Weapons.

Yulia Iurynets. State Space Agency of Ukraine: History of the Development of Normative Base.

Liliya Kazantseva. “Stars are Not for Sale” or the Legal Basis for Official Names of Natural and Anthropogenic Objects.

Svitlana Khomiachenko. Use of Airspace by Aircraft: Features of Legal Regulation.

Victoria Rybachok. The Term “Space Object” and its Legal Status.

Iryna Ryzhenko and Olena Halahan. State Participation in Space Activities: Some Legal Approaches and Implications.

Roman Shyshka. The Legal Regime of Space Objects: Scientific Doctrine.

Larysa Soroka and Olena Syntichenko. Sustainable Development of “Green” Technologies: Legal Protection of the Ambient Air from Pollutants.

Olexander Svitlychnyy. Ownership of Space Objects.

Julia Utko-Maslyanik. Legal Basis of Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the Space Sector.

Serhii Yuldashev. The Concept of Overcoming Corruption in the Management of the Space Industry in Ukraine.

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