Advanced Space Law, Volume 4

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Table of Contents

Valentyn Halunko. Domestic (National) Public Space Law of the USA. Success and Challenges of our Time.

Liliya Kazantseva. International Legislation in the Field of Astronomical Nomenclature.

Nataliia Khatniuk, Nelli Pobiianska and Andriy Cherneha. Features of the Activities of Public Entities in Space Debris Mitigation.

Sergey Krichevsky and Alexander Bagrov. Moon Exploration: Legal Aspects.

Mykhailo Loshytskyi and Sergii Koroied. Space Law of Ukraine: Present and Future.

Roman Mkrtchian, Anna Tkachuk and Zhanna Udovenko. Administrative Legal Support of Outer Space Activities of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Larysa Soroka. Public Regulation of Space Activities in Ukraine.

Oleksandr Svetlichnyj and Diana Levchenko. Commercialization of Space Activities: Correlation of Private and Public Interest in the Pursuit of Outer Space Exploration.

Sergey Udartsev. Extension of Space Activities, Emergence of Space State and Cosmization of Legal Science.

Olha Yeshchuk and Mariia Novikova. Legal Regulation of Standardization and Certification of Space Objects.

Dmytro Zhuravlov and Andrii Halunko. Features of Legal Support of Space Activities in Ukraine.

Alexander Zyma. Global Administrative Law and Regulation of Extraction of Minerals in Outer Space.

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