Advanced Space Law, Volume 5

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Table of Contents

Yuri Baturin. The Astronaut’s Legal Status.

Dmytro Bezzubov. Administrative and Legal Forms of Regulation of the Modern Market of Space Services and Technologies.

Olexiy Drozd. Cooperation between Ukraine and Kazakhstan in the Space Sector: Background, Regulatory Framework, and Further Development.

Valentyn Halunko, Yurii Buhlak and Oleg Pauk. International Legal Regulation of the Missile Technology Control Regime in the Aspect of Private Space Company Activities.

Inesa Kostenko. Current Problems and Challenges in International Space Law: Legal Aspects.

Bo Ma and Larysa Soroka. The Cooperation between China and Ukraine in Space Exploration: Genesis and Development.

Andrii Prykhodko and Vitaliy Oksin. Corruption Factor as a Destabilizing Element of Development of the Space Industry.

Irina Rуzhenko and Olena Halahan. International Legal Regulation of Space Tourism.

Vasyl Semenyaka. National Space Activities: Modern Realities and Legal Challenges.

Maksym Sokiran. Space Critical Infrastructures as Part of Critical Infrastructures: Threats and Methods of Protection.

Comment Section

Jing Liu. China Airlines “Escort” to Fight Outbreak Prevention and Control.

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