Aim & Scope

The main goal of the Advanced Space Law journal is the promotion of further development of air and space law (public and private international law) and expansion of the rule of law in the exploration and use of outer space. The journal publishes original papers, review papers, conceptual frameworks, analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical studies, and book reviews.

The journal publishes papers covering the following issues

  • Air and Space law (public international space law, private and public international law);
  • Ownership in outer space, its identification, legalization and protection;
  • Sociology of the right of space exploration;
  • Psychology of the right of space research and space exploration;
  • Theological right according to space research and space exploration;
  • Air and Space legislation;
  • Legal safeguards in outer space;
  • Link between space law and space technology;
  • Legal regulation of cosmic companies;
  • Legal and illegal international and national coercion in outer space.