Advanced Space Law, Volume 3

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Table of Contents

Renáta Dolanská and Vira Halunko . Legal Status of the European Space Agency.

Olexiy Drozd. Regulatory Framework for Space Activities: the Analysis of the Main Regulatory Acts.

Valentyn Halunko. Space Law: the Present and the Future.

Oleksandr Kobzar and Anna Danylenko. International and National Provisions of Space Law Regulating the Use of Outer Space.

Inessa Kostenko. European Space Agency: an Overview of the Legal Frame.

Kyrylo Muraviov, Serhii Didenko and Roman Mkrtchian. Liability in International Space Law.

Iryna Orlovska and Kateryna Solodova. Public Administration of German Space Programs.

Iryna Ryzhenko and Olena Halahan. Types of Liability for Illegal Space Activities.

Vasyl Semenyaka. The Current State of Deregulation of Space Activities in Ukraine.

Maksym Sokiran. Disaster Management, Resilience of System and Space Information Technologies.

Larysa Soroka and Kseniia Kurkova. Artificial Intelligence and Space Technologies: Legal, Ethical and Technological Issues.

Olga Yeshchuk and Anna Vasina. Chinese Space Law: Problems and Areas of Reforming.

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Advanced Space Law, Volume 2

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Table of Contents

Dmytro Bezzubov. The Concept of “Aerospace risk”: the Legal Component.

Serhiy Didenko. The Administrative and Legal Status of the Subjects of Public administration that Provide Legal Support for the Circulation and Use of Weapons in Ukraine, Including Space Weapons.

Yulia Iurynets. State Space Agency of Ukraine: History of the Development of Normative Base.

Liliya Kazantseva. “Stars are Not for Sale” or the Legal Basis for Official Names of Natural and Anthropogenic Objects.

Svitlana Khomiachenko. Use of Airspace by Aircraft: Features of Legal Regulation.

Victoria Rybachok. The Term “Space Object” and its Legal Status.

Iryna Ryzhenko and Olena Halahan. State Participation in Space Activities: Some Legal Approaches and Implications.

Roman Shyshka. The Legal Regime of Space Objects: Scientific Doctrine.

Larysa Soroka and Olena Syntichenko. Sustainable Development of “Green” Technologies: Legal Protection of the Ambient Air from Pollutants.

Olexander Svitlychnyy. Ownership of Space Objects.

Julia Utko-Maslyanik. Legal Basis of Cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the Space Sector.

Serhii Yuldashev. The Concept of Overcoming Corruption in the Management of the Space Industry in Ukraine.

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Advanced Space Law, Volume 1

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Table of Contents

Igor Andrushko. On the Question of the Meaning of “Space Law”

Andriana Bryhinets and Oleksii Drozd. Space Law: Intergovernmental Financial Relations and Regulation of Confidentiality

Leonid Daderko. Protection of Trade Secrets in Outer Space Activity: A Study in Ukrainian Law

Serhiy Didenko. Impact of UN General Assembly Resolutions on the Circulation and Use of Weapons on
Earth and in the Cosmos

Olena Fatkhutdinova. Impact of Legal Education on the Development of Space Law

Tetiana Harbuz. Industrial Property and Space Activities: Legal Protection

Oksana Ivanik. Principles of Administrative and Legal Regulation of Ukrainian Space Defense

Ivanna Nepyivoda. Legal Framework of Orbital Transportation Services: US experience

Evgeny Novikov. Legal Forms Activity of Technology Transfer Network on Example in Aerospace Industry

Vasyl Semenyaka. International-Legal Problem of Space Debris

Igor Smolij. Administrative Justice in Ukraine and Space Law

Artem Zubko. Administrative and Legal Status of Public Administration, which Carries out Administrative
and Legal Regulation in Ukrainian Space Defense

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