Nataliia Malysheva

Nataliia Malysheva is a Deputy Director of the International Space Law Center of Ukraine (since 1998). She obtained her PhD degree in 1979 (dissertation on legal protection of environment against noise) and Full Doctor of Laws degree in 1996 (dissertation on harmonization of Environmental Law in Europe).

Member of the editorial board of several scientific journals, member of the International Institute of Space Law, member of the UNESCO National Committee “Man and the Biosphere”, member of the Ukrainian delegation to the UN COPUOS and its Legal Subcommittee (since 2000), chairman of the Section of the Legal fundamentals for the use of natural resources of the Ukraine Nature Conservation Society. Member of two specialized councils for defense of the doctoral theses; Dr. Malysheva supervised more than 20 PhD and 4 Full Doctor of Laws Candidates.

In addition, she is the honored lawyer of Ukraine and Laureate of the State Award of Ukraine in the area of science and technique (2007). She was also granted several awards of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and of the Ukrainian Union of Lawyers for the work in the field of law. Dr. Malysheva participates in drafting of the Ukrainian laws and regulations concerning the peaceful use of outer space and on the environmental protection.

Author of over 400 scientific publications, published in Ukraine and abroad (Germany, USA, Brazil, Italy, etc.) (more than 60 of them – in the field of space law). She also takes part in collective monographs and commentaries on international space law, drafted in international working groups and published in such publishing houses as Kluwer, CoCoSl.

PhD Candidate at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Specializes in space manufacturing law – a branch comprised of intersecting fields including Space Resources, manufacturing, international space law, patent law, robotics and biotech law.

He served as an an observer to the Hague International Workgroup for Space Resource Governance (2016-2019). Member of the Polish Astrobiology Association and Polish Transhimanist Association, co-editor of Prawo i Kosmos – Prawo Kosmiczne and member of the Science Advocates Association. Board member of the Polish Science Fiction Foundation.

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